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Using the Index of Laws. 

    -     All Chapter references i.e. (Ch./CH.) refer to the laws in the 1987 
Revised Statute Laws of The Bahamas and in the absence of a specific citation, all subsidiary laws are contained under the same chapter heading and number as the principal legislation in the 1987 Revised Subsidiary legislation volumes. Other citations refer to the number of the instrument and the year in which it was passed e.g. 15/1999 refers to instrument (either Act or subordinate legislation) no. 15 passed in the year 1999. 
    -    The collapsible lists can be retracted by clicking on the bullets to the 
left. Further subordinate listings (where these exist) may be accessed by clicking on the yellow indented bullet to the left.
    -    The highlighted citations are those which do not appear in the 1987 
         Revised Statute Laws of The Bahamas.


    -   Official Gazetted copies of all Bahamian laws can be obtained from 
         Government Publication offices, Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas.
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